The team of Real Lugansk

About Us

Since 1998, our team is developing websites and their support. Alexander Yablonsky leads this work. Over the years, worked on projects Ivan Kucherenko, Haydakin Igor, Igor Kuprin, Anna Yablonsky. Currently, Svetlana Glushchenko, Marc Shulga, Nadezda Filatova served on the following projects:
Virtual Luhansk
PAO Lugansk firm Lutri
Electronic advertising magazine "Blitz-post"
Real Lugansk - in English
daily sports online edition of
Luhansk Football
Project Shining the world
All sites are hosted on technical grounds ISP "Gecko"
I am writing this in November 2010, we have a problem with the site "Real Lugansk" there is no one to write lyrics in English.

Our address: Ukraine, 91055, Lugansk, Sovetskaya, 75, of.436
     Contact: (0642) 53-22-54
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