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Professor Hedwig Shwimberg

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg of Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire will teach a class in Luhansk.

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg, who is a professor at the Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire will teach a class in 2013-2014 school year at the Luhansk State Academy of Culture and Arts. Mr. Shwimberg will teach clarinet and orchestra.

The faculty of music is in cooperation with Shwimberg since 2006. He then helped a part of Lugansk “Serenade” Orchestra to go to Belgium with a joint concert with the students of the Brussels Royal Conservatoire. In 2012 the orchestra travelled in its full capacity and the artists played four concerts in Belgium this time. In 2013 “Serenade” independatly travelled internationally: 6 concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our students from the Academy and college played in Bruges, Koksijde, Oostkamp, Antwerp, Ardenburge, Turnhout.

Hedwig Shwimberg is a Flemish clarinettist. He was born in Brugges (Belgium). He went to school in his hometown and later in the Royal Conservatoire in Ghent. His professor was Jean Tasteno – the founder of Belgian school of clarinet. Shwimberg continued his education with Professor Karl Leister in Berlin.

H. Shwimberg is the winner of the M. van Gucht International Competition of clarinetists and other international competitions in Toulon (France) and Eyndgovene (Netherlands). He also received the Prize of the Benelux.

Hedwig Shwimberg – is the soloist of the, professor of clarinet at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, a regular participant of competitions in the cities of Avila (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary), a jury member of many national and international competitions of clarinetists.

This mucisian gives master classes and performs in Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan. He is the leader of “Olivia Girolf” ballet in Bruges, as well as artistic director of the Brussels Festival of “Clarinetissimo”. Hedwig Shwimberg is the founder and conductor of Brussels Ensemble of Clarinetists. He is a representative of SELMER company and he plays the nominal clarinet made by SELMER.

You can hear Shwimberg play “Five reflections for the clarinet solo” by Sergey Turneev.

Okean Elzy visit Luhansk while touring Ukraine with their new album

Океан Ельзи
On June 12th Avangard Stadium of Luhansk gathered all the fans of Okean Elzy. Ukrainian: Океан Ельзи, translation: Elza's Ocean. The show was sold out and there were barely any seats at the stadium. Although on its official website and all over social media - Okean Elzy said that all stadium shows will start at 9pm and the doors will open at 7. Luhansk tickets indicated 7:30 as beginning of the show. Hundreds of concerned fans were complaining in lines that they can miss even a moment of their favourite band. The show started at 8:40 and I believe because of the darkest clouds hanging above the stage... The show was amazing!

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and his team presented songs from the new album, as well as treated the audience with some well known songs.

As a surprise for Luhansk audience Vakarchuk brought Oleksandr Babak to sing along with him one of his major hits "Above the sky". Oleksandr was a participant of "The Voice" and he is from Luhansk region.

The show gave the most wonderful energy and felt the most powerful emotions! For me personally those were emotional memories about teen years, university, the feeling of longing to the country and missing Ukraine so much, as well as this overwhelming feeling of pride for Ukraine, that this country has such world class musicians!
Admiration and respect to Okean Elzy only grows with every coming year, with every coming album. Vakarchuk never fails to amaze me and please the audience with his emotional attachment to music and the depth and meaning of his lyrics. He is an artists that lives and breathes stage.
All the best! Success and more recognition!


Soul echoing the song

Soul echoing the song

(to listen, to hear and to understand...)

In the modern day and age the development of your spiritual self is essential.  The importance of creating proper conditions for honest and lively discussionи and being able to develop creativity and create art is absolutely necessary. Democratisation of social life touches upon all of the spheres of human communication. That is why culture of communication is special and it needs to be developed in people, especially in youth. We have to teach them to listen, to hear and to understand.

 Lets point out that sublime feelings have a very positing impact on our mental state. Those positive emotions, which stimulate our intellectual activity improve our communication skills. People become more attractive both inside and outside, show more creativity, become friendlier in their interactions. Chamber music of «Contabile» creates these particular emotions, and this ensemble is stil associated with Lugansk State Philharmonic Hall. Unfortunately we can no longer hear the sounds of Yuri Kolomoistev and Sergei Kharchenko's guitars there.  We can no longer hear Natalia Kolomoisteva's soprano in the Hall as well. This genre today has no room within these walls. We have to remember that guitar and song are inseparable from humans' desire to express emotions and describe feelings. All ages will appreciate this kind of art!

 A romantic song is very personal and any listener can relate to it and understand it. All those songs by Natalia Kolomoisteva, all with different tone and in all the different languages: Italian, German, Mexican, Jewish, gypsy, Russian and modern - - talk about the most sacred of all – love. It is not surprising that media acclaimed those songs as “the ones that penetrate the soul” .

 Yes, the sounds of guitar ensemble “Cantabile” are not in the Philharmonic Hall any more.  Turns out you can still hear it online. Visit the official website of “Cantabile – Lugansk”. This has their film-concert recording from Lugansk Regional Television, produced by Vira Khromushina, and you want to watch it again and again. We have seen those online pages about modern songs, but academic ones – never before. («Nasha Gazeta»», Mykola Bogorada») – «Duet of Natalia and Yuri Kolomoitsev is known not only in Lugansk and the region, but far outside. Successfully, and more than once they performed in France last year, with the program shown in the tv film.». We want to fully agree with this review and add that Natalia's soprano is amazing!

This website has other recordings of the ensemble. Numerous romances are available there. Thank God that Internet exists! Searching it one can find some much and welcome the mysterious sounds of music, performed by true talented professionals – guitar players from «Canabile». The lyrics is captivating Natalia's recognized vocals. She is an awardee of numerous prizes and literary awards.

We hope everyone will enjoy their performances, even though only online and not in the Philharmonic Hall.


Yuri Kukurekin, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, member of the Interregional Union of Writers of Ukraine.


Guests from Dniprodzherzhinsk

Guests from Dniprodzherzhinsk
What is an original song? Nowadays, only someone stuck in the Cave age and, turns out the hosts of morning show "Pod'em Perevorot" on local television  wouldn't know the answer to this question. The hosts asked this to the bards, visiting Luhank from  Dniprodzherzhinsk to perform. Frankly, I always feel awkward when instead of holding an interesting conversation about oeuvre, I hear primitive questions asked to the artist, which only tells you about the poor preparation of the hosts. We will let this remain in their consciences. To all of those who appreciate original songs and bard performances were able to enjoy, what the bards called it "April Fools" program in the small concert hall of Regional Centre for Folk Art. 

Bards from  Dniprodzherzhinsk came to visit the people of Lugansk in "Kap-La" (to those unfamiliar with the acronym: Original Song Club "La"). Olga Stognii and Anatoliy Strogii were performing funny songs (and others, not just the funny ones), whereas the host of the show - Elena Zhuravskaya performed her own short stories. The supporters of "cleansiness of the art" can tell me that the short stories do not at all fit int he format of bards' original songs performances. Please trust me, that in this case - short stories  were very much appropriate. Especially because they were witty, funny and performed rather professionally. Elena herself participated actively in the work of  Dniprodzherzhinsk's bards in the past. I can only say that the two-hour performance was done like "Bravo!" and no displeased viewers were spotted after the show.
Please take a look and listen to their songs!


Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall


Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall is the centre of the region’s music life.

Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall started its operation with an ensemble, organized in march 1943, on the basis of which, a Ukrainian Folk Ensemble of Songs and Dance was created under the direction of M. Novohatska. The first concert of the symphonic orchestra with about 50 participating musicians took place in summer of 1945 it was operating with the conductor Samuel W. Ratner (in 1944-47 conductor and art director of Voroshilovgrad philharmonic hall). Since then the hearts of millions of viewers were captured by this Philharmonic Hall. Numerous concerts, meetings with artists took place there; such as  T. Kharennikov, A. Pakhmutova ,Y.Frenkel, M. Fradkin, G. Movesesyan.  People of Lugansk met with well-known performers: P. Virskyy National Academic Ansamble of Dance of Ukraine; National Honored Academic Chapel “Dumka”; National Ansamble of Dance of Siberia;  Pyatnitsky Choir; Utesov and  Lundstrem jazz orchestras; and artists like E. Miroshnichenko, A. Solovianenko, T. Milashkina, D. Khvorostovsky, V. Vysotsky, E. Vestik, M. Esambaev, S. Rotaru, A. Pugacheva, I. Kobzon, V. Leontiev, etc and others.

Since 2008, after the completion of the building reconstruction, with the latest modern technologies and technical equipment set-up and equipment, the Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall has two concert halls: large Main Concert Hall (503 people) and Small Chamber Hall (70 people) for small scale performances, meetings.

The Philharmonic Hall has a very good organ. This particular organ was constructed in Germany in a well-known Alexander Schuke Potsdam Orgelbau GmbH, that is over 200 years old and specializes in restoration of ancient organs and manufacturing of the new ones.

For 6 month German specialists were assembling the organ in the Philharmonic Hall itself.

The unveiling of the organ took place on March 1, 1985. To this date it is the only Alexander Schuke organ in Ukraine. In 2012 Kharkiv Philharmonic Hall is going to have one.

The Organ of Lugansk Philharmonic Hall was specially designed for our Main Hall, extraordinary quality of registers, mechanics, inner construction, sound, were well received by all the visiting performers.

Address: 23 Lenin Str.,  Luhansk

Telephone: +038 (0642) 523-121


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