Friday, April 23, 2021
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Okean Elzy visit Luhansk while touring Ukraine with their new album

Океан Ельзи
On June 12th Avangard Stadium of Luhansk gathered all the fans of Okean Elzy. Ukrainian: Океан Ельзи, translation: Elza's Ocean. The show was sold out and there were barely any seats at the stadium. Although on its official website and all over social media - Okean Elzy said that all stadium shows will start at 9pm and the doors will open at 7. Luhansk tickets indicated 7:30 as beginning of the show. Hundreds of concerned fans were complaining in lines that they can miss even a moment of their favourite band. The show started at 8:40 and I believe because of the darkest clouds hanging above the stage... The show was amazing!

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and his team presented songs from the new album, as well as treated the audience with some well known songs.

As a surprise for Luhansk audience Vakarchuk brought Oleksandr Babak to sing along with him one of his major hits "Above the sky". Oleksandr was a participant of "The Voice" and he is from Luhansk region.

The show gave the most wonderful energy and felt the most powerful emotions! For me personally those were emotional memories about teen years, university, the feeling of longing to the country and missing Ukraine so much, as well as this overwhelming feeling of pride for Ukraine, that this country has such world class musicians!
Admiration and respect to Okean Elzy only grows with every coming year, with every coming album. Vakarchuk never fails to amaze me and please the audience with his emotional attachment to music and the depth and meaning of his lyrics. He is an artists that lives and breathes stage.
All the best! Success and more recognition!

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