Friday, April 23, 2021
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Professor Hedwig Shwimberg

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg of Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire will teach a class in Luhansk.

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg, who is a professor at the Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire will teach a class in 2013-2014 school year at the Luhansk State Academy of Culture and Arts. Mr. Shwimberg will teach clarinet and orchestra.

The faculty of music is in cooperation with Shwimberg since 2006. He then helped a part of Lugansk “Serenade” Orchestra to go to Belgium with a joint concert with the students of the Brussels Royal Conservatoire. In 2012 the orchestra travelled in its full capacity and the artists played four concerts in Belgium this time. In 2013 “Serenade” independatly travelled internationally: 6 concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our students from the Academy and college played in Bruges, Koksijde, Oostkamp, Antwerp, Ardenburge, Turnhout.

Hedwig Shwimberg is a Flemish clarinettist. He was born in Brugges (Belgium). He went to school in his hometown and later in the Royal Conservatoire in Ghent. His professor was Jean Tasteno – the founder of Belgian school of clarinet. Shwimberg continued his education with Professor Karl Leister in Berlin.

H. Shwimberg is the winner of the M. van Gucht International Competition of clarinetists and other international competitions in Toulon (France) and Eyndgovene (Netherlands). He also received the Prize of the Benelux.

Hedwig Shwimberg – is the soloist of the, professor of clarinet at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, a regular participant of competitions in the cities of Avila (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary), a jury member of many national and international competitions of clarinetists.

This mucisian gives master classes and performs in Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan. He is the leader of “Olivia Girolf” ballet in Bruges, as well as artistic director of the Brussels Festival of “Clarinetissimo”. Hedwig Shwimberg is the founder and conductor of Brussels Ensemble of Clarinetists. He is a representative of SELMER company and he plays the nominal clarinet made by SELMER.

You can hear Shwimberg play “Five reflections for the clarinet solo” by Sergey Turneev.

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