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Public company “Lugansk firm “Lutri”

lutri-upAbout PC "Lugansk firm "Lutri"

PC "Lugansk firm "Lutri" (Knitting Factory) is a well-known manufacturer of knitted products in Ukraine.One of the activities of PC PC "Lugansk firm Lutri" is causing pieces to print details of a cut and a cloth.

Firm Lutri was founded in 1970.

Product assortment textile mills: linen knitwear, sports and recreation: T-shert, tartlenniki, sportswear, products for women of easy jersey, as well as various products made of lightweight fabrics. We offer a wide range of male, female, children's knitwear .

Welcome posesit brand store knitting factory "Lutri", where there is a wide range of quality and affordable clothing from knitwear: blouses, skirts, shirts for women, men's trousers, children's hosiery, and many others. etc.


Total produces over 200 kinds of knitwear. See product catalog. See summer range 

Each year, introduced over 500 new models of knitwear, up to 100 new articles paintings, 100 drawings Boxed print . Knitting Factory recycles more than 50 brands of natural and man-made fibers, which have different linear density, it allows to get knitted fabrics of fashionable patterns. Due to the high professional skills of staff knitting factory is constantly improving processes, introducing new technologies

European prize quality

In Paris firm Lutri  was awarded "the European prize quality", in Spain - the award "Best brand" and award "Quality Mark ", in Brussels -"Award Euromarket". Chairman of the board M.V. Shostak

Partners: Internet resource "Virtual Lugansk", Electronic advertising magazine «Blitz-Post», "Lugansk Football "- an e-sports-news publication


PC "Lugansk firm "Lutri" produces knitted goods , causing single-piece print on details of a cut and a cloth in accordance with regulatory and technological documentation, which they apply.

Products that are subject to mandatory certification in Ukraine, certified and complies with relevant provisions:

  • - DSPU 38 23-98 "Knitted Fabrics. Norms and methods of quality assessment";
  • - GOST 904-87 "knitted linen for women and girls. General technical conditions ";
  • - GOST 12694-90 "knitted linen for children and infants, toddler and preschool age. General technical conditions ";
  • - GOST 20462-87 "knitted linen for men and boys. General technical conditions "- San PIN № 42-125-4390-87.

To satisfy consumer demand for products the company introduced in production management systems for quality, according to the requirements of international standard DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

On the strength of color printing products are tested according to GOST 9733-0-83 - GOST 9733-27-83 "Methods for testing the stability of colors to the physical-chemical influences" and complies with color stability according to GOST 2351-88 "products and knitted fabrics. Standards for sustainable colors and methods of its determination."

In production use plastisol dyes and pigments, water-based manufacturers such as: «Clariant», «Sorim», «Basf», «Sericol». They are easily printed on cotton and its blends. Prints are good hiding power, is well tolerated repeated washing, do not fade.

Facility is equipped with printing machines Rotary MNU with intermediate drying and conveyor tunnel dryer. The tunnel dryer has a camera with infrared radiation, the temperature of which may reach 350°C, which helps deepen the all layers of paint on the products.

Brief technical and financial passport PC "Lugansk firm "Lutri"

Firm Lutri is located in the eastern Luhansk with a population of 450,000 people.

East of Lugansk is a bedroom community of workers in industry and trade enterprises of the city.

Firm Lutri is located in the eastern industrial zone of the city, which neighbors are "Technoton", "Interplast", "Bissnes-centre," Lux "- fitness center, a bakery, the company" Gloria Jeans road transport companies, chain stores "Absolute", "Leleka" , product-commodity markets, the planned site for construction companies, three filling stations for automobiles.

Travel arranged through the path of the road on which approach to enterprise group minibuses and buses of public transport.

Trolleybus lines are at 300 meters from the company, a tram line - 400 meters.

The company is powered by electricity cable lines with a voltage of 10 kV, there are 5 TAs for 600 kVA and 1000 kVA.

Water is supplied by Urban conduit diameter of 400 mm. 
There are two underground reservoirs to 2000 m3 and 2000 m3 steel aboveground storage of soft water. From enterprise goes sewer diameter of 600 mm. 
Boiler fed from the urban high pressure gas to fracture the firm. The company has a central compressor.

Firm Loutro "is a complex of technological closed-loop: knitting, dyeing and finishing and garment production. All production can work separately and in combination.


  • 1. The company occupies an area of 6 hectares of land.
  • 2. Production facilities: boiler plant (process steam, heating), compressor, dyeing and finishing building, housing knitting and garment manufacturing, storage of raw materials, finished products warehouse, garage, office building.
  • 3. Raw material: cotton yarn 100% blended PE + cotton, cotton + na, viscose. Yarn № m 20, 40, 50, 54, 65, 85 single-lines. You can modify, changing equipment and technology.
  • 4. Equipment. 
  1. 4.1. Circular equipment firm "Meyer" - Germany, "Monarch" - England, classes of machines: 15, 20, 24, 28.
  2. 4.2. Dyeing equipment company "Tice" - Germany.
  3. 4.3. Drying and stabilization machine (shpanrama) firm Brückner (Germany) for the split face cloths.
  4. 4.4. Drying and finishing machines for circular blade firm "Suntex”.
  5. 4.5. Printing Machine Company «Stork» for printing on canvas.
  6. 4.6. Napper for the formation of fleece on the canvas.
  7. 4.7. Sewing & cutting equipment for the production of knitwear and garments firms "Pfaff", "Yamato", "Rimoldi," "Juke", "Kuris, for the WTO" Fight "," IAC ".
  • 5. Conditions of development.
  1. 5.1 significantly expand the market. Commodity market: Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA.
  2. 5.2. Deliveries of yarn for knitwear production at prices that allow competition in the market canvases.
  3. 5.3. Deliveries of dyes and chemicals, printing pastes and pigments for dyeing and printing on canvas at prices that were competitive in the market canvas.
  4. 5.4. The introduction of energy-saving technologies.
  • 5.4.1. Reconstruction of the boiler.
  • 5.4.2. Reconstruction of water treatment facilities for technological processes.
  • 5.4.3. The introduction of equipment for all the transitions with the lowest power consumption.
  • 5.4.4. The reconstruction of industrial buildings to reduce heat loss.
  1. 5.5. Modernization process of knitting, dyeing, finishing of fabrics and sewing and knitting products.
5.6. Re-design-engineering laboratories for the development of fabrics and range of products with modern equipment. Information can be clarified in greater detail, any direction.


Address: 91042, Ukraine, Lugansk, st. Vozrogdeniya, 11-P

Phone: 8 (0642) 41-05-64 - waiting room

8 (0642) 41-15-68, (050) 637-61-81 - sales manager

(095) 695-28-77 Galina - Sales Department

(095) 461-36-03, Olga - Sales Department

Tel. / fax: 8 (0642) 59-98-52 - Marketing Service

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Web site: (in Russian)

Hours: Mon-Fri - 8 00 to 17 00






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