Friday, March 31, 2023
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The enterprise is at risk of closing

Workers of Sverdlovsk Mining Corporation are not getting paid for over 14 months.

The enterprise is at risk of closing.

The situation at Sverdlovsk Mining Corporation of drilling wells is critical.

Everything at the moment reminds us of how everything used to be at the mine: - rusting special equipment, big yard, full of uncut grass, the sign with faded letters. Mining and drlling of large wells were the main activity of the enterprise. Over the course of 50 years 80 kilometers of wells were passed in the Donbass region, at Kuzbass, Yakutia and Caucasus. The mine started facing problems only 10 years ago. Number of orders decreased and the inconsistencies with paying salaries started at the time. People started to look for other employment opportunities. Where used to be 500 workers, only 71 remain to the day. Even those 71 people are not getting paid for over 14 months.

There are no orders to drill the wells, therefore there is no money, says Yaroslav Kravets, the Head of the Mining Corporation. During the last 3 years there were only 3 working sites, for which the government owes the company 700,000 UAH.

Sverdlovsk mining corporation receives the majority of its business from private and state owned mines. The latest meeting at the Ministry showed that there is no hope for work for the people of Sverdlovsk.

The only way to pay off 2 million UAH is to shut down the enterprise. Because the enterprise is state owned, it is only the state that will decide the destiny of the enterprise and its employees.

This decision will be made in the nearest future. Right now the director of the company is facing several criminal charges for the failure to pay wages.


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