Friday, March 31, 2023
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What is business?

What is business?

"Business - thisis war" - so treat the Japanese company's growth strategy, and the greatgeneral Sun Tzu in ancient China treated the war as "War is a great thing,a way of existence and death"
Since the war in the unchartedterritory called the Internet, you need a reliable conductor and commander, whowill lead your troops to victory.
At present, civilized peopledo informational war, the victory which ensures the growth of sales of yourproducts, stable sales, ultimately, faster earnings growth than that of yourpartners providing trade credit.
There are two ways ofdevelopment of information warfare:
First choice: Projectedresults.
Sabdomen + page + photos +5.10 literary material zombiruet consciousness and subconsciousness of yourclients + technical support site, which allows search engines to quicklymemorize and quote your information to 500 000 + unique visitors that travelclose to your site.
For all this fun 180 hryvniaper year.
Recoup such an investment iseasy enough to sell the product for 999 hryvnia or even less.
That is, conventionally 2.1client, attracted by your information on the site, will pay all your expenses.
Second choice: Trial and error.
Domain at 12-15. is + hosting at 30-50. + site is the price of a bottle of beer in 3000. e. + registration in searchsystem + cost of attracting visitors to an average of 0.1 at. is 0.3 at. is for the visitor.
On the cost of visitorssaytostroiteli shamefully silent, suckers divorce occurs gradually, because thecost of bringing visitors up 80-90% of project costs.
It turns out that having spenta minimum of 142 at. is, you need to add another ~ 1000 in. is to attract visitors,because you need buyers of your products and services.
You will spend money on searchengine website promotion (SEO), contextual advertising, promotion in socialnetworks, search engine optimization of web pages.
The minimum necessary to spendthe first year of about 3000 USD.
It turns out that independentaccess to the expanses of the Internet is much more expensive than the"first" version.
If you are practical, Managersand Specialists, please contact us. If not, we are withundisguised interest will follow the "steepness" of your ambitions,which will inevitably have to fight with the realities under the heading"INTERNET ONLY FOR SMART."
And finally, we want to remindyou one more banal truth for today's business: from day to day performance offunds invested in advertising, inevitably falls due to the notorious law oncompetition of capital - can solve this puzzle yourself (see the "secondoption" and whatnot, that in many interpretationsof a play on the endless seminars, conferences, etc. - you can check yourself -is just to light your e-mail to any free message board - advice for those whodo not know what is spam), and if think that each case should bedealt with by professional e-mail us - have no doubt that our experience willprove useful to you.


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