Friday, March 31, 2023
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Welcome to "Virtual Luhansk"!

The name of the city of Luhansk is spelled with an “h” on all contemporary maps. It is considered old fashioned to spell it with a “g” – Lugansk, or it is a very old-fashioned way.

Welcome to "Virtual Luhansk"!

We are glad to offer you the most detailed virtual guide of our great city. Even if we are separated with thousands of miles, we are sure it will not prevent us from getting to know each other better!

The information on this web-site may be useful for everyone!

This web-site is for people who live in Luhansk, for people who used to live here, tourists, businessmen and for just curious people who are surfing the net.
Here you can find what you are looking for. The site has been working since 1998.

If you are visiting this site for the first time, you could start with reading the section "About the city" and viewing the “Photo-gallery” and "The city map".

If you would like to make business contacts in Luhansk pay attention to the “Economy section of the web-site". It contains information about the largest companies in Luhansk and a description of their activities and resources.

You may place your proposals on "Virtual Lugansk" in the form of a message on the "Trade-board". The popularity of this site will guarantee the spread of your information in Ukraine.

There is a Translation Box on the right hand side. You can go to any page and it will be translated automatically.

Please take a look at the News Page.

We hope you enjoy visiting our web-site and that it will become a useful recourse for you!


In June 2010 the site changed its address to The site at the old location is not served!


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