Monday, March 01, 2021
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Every year 256 home nurses of Luhansk region chapter of the Red Cross help around 20 thousand of citizens, that live alone. Over 3,7 thousand of people who receive care are people with limited mobility - Luhansk City Administration informs the inform-agency "Irta-Fax". The care facilities also offer help. Those care facilities three medical and social centres in Luhansk, Bryanka and Rubezhne: 17 examination rooms and 28 locations of clothes rental, 125 locations of first-aid centres and 26 clothing banks for the poor. Home nurses of the Red Cross, overall, offer over 110 different kinds of social services, including natural help to the senior and poor citizens, preventive HIV and tuberculosis programs.

President discussed further actions on advocating the interests of Ukraine in the world with UWC leaders


 President Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with UWC leaders - President Eugene Czolij and Secretary General Stefan Romaniw, as well as President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Pavlo Grod.

 The Head of State noted that the UWC was a powerful force in the protection of Ukraine's interests in the world. "It is a pleasure that we coordinate our efforts in various spheres so efficiently," the President said adding that it was particularly related to the issues of volunteer assistance to the militaries, inter alia, technical equipment of the Ukrainian troops.

 The President has noted the necessity of countering Russian propaganda and bringing objective information on the events in Ukraine. "Telling the truth to the people all over the world is an extremely important mission not only for the Ukrainian President, Foreign Ministry, Government and civil organizations, but also Diaspora, the opinion of which plays a significant role," Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

 The President has once again noted the importance of powerful Armed Forces, unity and solidarity of the Ukrainian nation inside the country and all over the world, as well as global partners' strong position of support for Ukraine. "We must work over it every day," the President said. Petro Poroshenko positively evaluated the results of the G7 Summit on the support for Ukraine noting not only the position on the necessity of compliance with the Minsk agreements, but also the position regarding the illegal annexation of Crimea.

 The President has urged the Ukrainian World Congress to intensify efforts in advocating the interests of Ukraine in the issue of the European prospect, bringing information on the implementation of reforms, countering Russian propaganda and the issue of ratification of the Association Agreement. The President has noted that the given process was not a simple formal procedure, but an "important political process, which demonstrates the recognition of the European aspirations of Ukrainians".

 The Head of State has highlighted the importance of simplifying the visa free regime for Ukrainians not only with the countries of the EU, but also with Canada, Japan and Australia.

 The President has recalled the need for specialists on psychological aid to the militaries and demobilized warriors. The Head of State has informed on his instruction regarding the implementation of initiatives of volunteers with experience of war in Iraq and other military conflicts.

 In his turn, UWC President Eugene Czolij  informed that the Ukrainian World Congress had established its Mission in Ukraine for the better coordination of actions. The established Council includes Ukrainian Diaspora representatives in 48 countries of the world.

 Eugene Czolij  congratulated Petro Poroshenko on the first anniversary of presidency and presented him the icon of St. Nicholas. "We hope that St. Nicholas will give you health, strength and endurance to protect territorial integrity of Ukraine and make Ukraine an independent, confident and democratic European state," he said.


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