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Every year 256 home nurses of Luhansk region chapter of the Red Cross help around 20 thousand of citizens, that live alone. Over 3,7 thousand of people who receive care are people with limited mobility - Luhansk City Administration informs the inform-agency "Irta-Fax". The care facilities also offer help. Those care facilities three medical and social centres in Luhansk, Bryanka and Rubezhne: 17 examination rooms and 28 locations of clothes rental, 125 locations of first-aid centres and 26 clothing banks for the poor. Home nurses of the Red Cross, overall, offer over 110 different kinds of social services, including natural help to the senior and poor citizens, preventive HIV and tuberculosis programs.

Luhansk Regional Art Museum

Luhansk Regional Art Museum is located on one of the oldest streets of the city, in the former estate of the known industrialists Venderovichis, in a building of 1876, which went through a complete reconstruction in the middle of the XX century.

When you are looking at this small two-storey building nowadays, it's hard to believe what is behind those walls: the collection, representing the art culture of many countries and peoples, despite of its know limits and misbalance of it content.

There are around 8 thousand exhibits of national and foreign art of ХVІ - ХХ century, amongst them there are around 1,500 scenic canvases, 300 sculptures, 4,500 of arts and crafts items.

It was no immediate for the museum to become this way. It is also very unlikely, that there is another museum in Ukraine with such a dramatic history.

One of the founders of the Luhansk Art Museum were Volynsky and Istomin. In the fall of  1919 they brought a large number of exhibits from Moscor and Kharkiv to Luhansk: paintings, furniture, porcelain, bronze, all of those became the foundation of the museum of art...

The structure of the museum - a two-storey, with wide hallways, and 11 rooms. Two of those were given to become the natural geographical museum in November of 1922, which also started its existence in November 1920, but it a different building. This museum was compiled from the school museum's exhibits of former Slavyano-Serbsk county and of the items from the offices of closed educational institutions - a private gymnasium of E.P. Chvalinska, a training school and men’s gymnasium. As of August of 1923 two museums are mentioned in Luhansk: art and natural-geographical, located at 25, Poltavsky Lane.

A lot of time has gone by since then: years of breakdown, then resurrection from dust, became some sort of chronicle for the museum. Geography, archeology, art - all of those fields were represented in the house on Pochtova. They all played their part. There is still no archeology museum in Luhansk, but Art Museum lives and thrives, and it invites all interested to visti its galleries and exhibits.


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