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Every year 256 home nurses of Luhansk region chapter of the Red Cross help around 20 thousand of citizens, that live alone. Over 3,7 thousand of people who receive care are people with limited mobility - Luhansk City Administration informs the inform-agency "Irta-Fax". The care facilities also offer help. Those care facilities three medical and social centres in Luhansk, Bryanka and Rubezhne: 17 examination rooms and 28 locations of clothes rental, 125 locations of first-aid centres and 26 clothing banks for the poor. Home nurses of the Red Cross, overall, offer over 110 different kinds of social services, including natural help to the senior and poor citizens, preventive HIV and tuberculosis programs.

3D panoramas of Luhansk

July 25, 2011 on the site "Virtual Lugansk"  the project "3D panoramas of Luhansk" started on the site "Virtual Lugansk"

3d spherical panoramas and virtual tours

3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours using 360 ° panoramic h180 ° projection and interactive management, is a modern and effective form of presentation space. View 3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours do not require high speed data transmission that allows you to place and actively promote them in the Internet space.

3D view (it is virtual, spherical, circular and cubic panorama) - is a special picture, covering all the space around one specific point, 360 ° horizontal and 180 ° vertically.Virtual panorama assembled from several pictures taken with ultra wide-angle lens and combined with special software in one seamless image, creating an impression of your presence at the center of the virtual 3d panorama.

Using the mouse or keyboard you can view the space around you, above and below you, zoom and delete items and objects viewed items or to learn the overall plan. Unlike the movie you do not depend on the camera movement, movement in space is completely under your control. Virtual 3D spherical panorama can be added to any text, background sound, pop-up pictures, videos, etc.

3D view control is very simple. The left mouse button you can rotate the image in the desired direction (click and hold). To zoom in or zoom out (zoom) is enough to twist the mouse wheel.

Several spherical panoramas 3d can be connected to each other, thus creating a virtual tour (or 3d round). With one click on the pointer in the 3D panorama you make this journey, moving from one panorama to another (for example, from one room to another) or to an external Web resource. For better orientation of visitors a virtual tour 3D view can be accompanied by an interactive map with the "radar" that shows the direction of view and angle. Virtual tour is ideal for the presentation of buildings and interiors, city tours and museums, and more.

To show the 3d virtual panoramas and 3D tours do not need to install any additional software, internet browser is enough, for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox with at least one type of plug-in installed Flash, Quick Time, Java, DevalVR, Shockwawe or other (read more about viewers 3D spherical panoramas). All these applications are free (free) access to the Internet.

What you can be useful virtual 3d panorama?

3D spherical panoramas and virtual tours can be very useful in many areas where it is important and should be a visual representation of the advertised object. The main benefit of virtual panoramas is the following:

Presentation of the space in a natural way - as opposed to a small flat and 3D spherical panorama pictures and virtual tour gives the impression of presence inspect the site
Interactivity and an abundance of visual information - during the virtual tour the visitor can independently consider and examine the property you have advertised, presented in the best light, guided by your instructions and comments
Originality and appeal - Present and advertise different from the way most of its competitors, is more interest than the usual photos and text
Reduce your costs - virtual 3d panorama 3d tours and save not only finance, but, first of all, your time and your customer's time
Clock availability - an important advantage of 3D panoramic presentations that are distributed through the Internet is available 24 hours a day and the opportunity to visit the advertised object you at a convenient time for the customer.



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