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Real Luhansk

Ukrainian people is a sacred war of liberation against the Russian-Putin invaders.

Ukrainian people is a sacred war of liberation against the Russian-Putin invaders. The clip is made efforts Yuri Geraskina, Michael Prytula, Stanislaus ...



Effects of firing Slavianoserbska. There are dead

Effects of firing Slavianoserbska. There are dead

Earlier today, 12 November, around 9:30 and 10:30 under fire hit the northern part of the town Slovianoserbsk. According to local residents, affected children's camp named after Gagarin, destroyed the first aid station. Aware of the impact in the area of sitroceha, on Lenin Street. As a result of the separation of the saving Bank just three local residents were killed, at least two injuries.

Earlier today, terrorists fired position MAT in Lugano and the city Page Fortune. It was also attacked the village of Artem Stanichno-luganskoe area.

* * *


Partisans of Donbass held two special operation, in which a group of militants were eliminated and the Commander of the so-called Cossack guard "with the callsign" Marshal ".  "Under the old scheme, hunting for the enemy near roads — shot at close range machine. There were 2 soldiers, as it turned out later, with the subdivisions of Golden Eagle. They confiscated the weapon: grenades, 2 3 AK-74, and RPG-18 "Mukha", according to the group "right сектор.ua". This happened on November 10.

It is also reported that over the past month into the ranks of the partisans took 11 volunteer.

As previously reported, the guerrillas dynamited the Donbass fuel trucks of fighters



Other news from Lugansk 11.11.2014

On the night of 11 to 12 November, militants fired on the positions of the armed forces of Ukraine near the city of Happiness, Luhansk oblast. As reported by closed source, the battle began in 23:00 and continued for about 5:0. The militants used heavy artillery. According to preliminary information, there are dead and wounded.

 As previously reported, that the positions of the armed forces of Ukraine under Happiness, fired a Grad rocket launchers.

 * * *

 Officers from the security service of Ukraine for the past two days cleared two subversive groups that worked on the special services of the Russian Federation. Also uncovered a network of informants who provide terrorists with information about power anti-terrorist operation (ATO)

The second reconnaissance/subversive group was detained in Rubizhne, Luhansk oblast. It consisted of two militia fighters "ghost". The terrorists arrived in the city to recruit locals to carry out attacks using explosives and small arms. It is reported by the press center of the SBU. Also detained four militants on the instructions of the heads of intelligence and sabotage units of DND adjust fire and reported the deployment of the force and P. Earlier it was reported that the SBU detained a terrorist informant with as "Rainbow".

 * * *

Today, 12 November, at 11:10 the terrorists fired at the village of Artem LNR Stanichno-Lugansk area. The fire raged from mortar 120 mm calculations. As a result suffered school (has a broken glass and shrapnel damage), several houses demolished the roof, there is one direct hit on the House. This was an informed source. According to him, the shelling of the village was targeted.

"The militants are aware where the military positions. In the village of Artem them no, "he said.

As previously reported, the soldiers of the 92 ND special mechanized brigade took care of the school in the village of Artem Stanichno-Lugansk area.

Earlier today, terrorists fired position MAT in Lugano and the city Page Fortune. Is getting into the House.


Vekhovna Rada Election in Luhansk region

Electoral District #106 Evhen Bakulin “Opposition Bloc” 
Former head of Naftogas. A felon with a criminal case against him, alleged monetary damage to state – 4 bilion US dollars

Electoral District #107 Serhiy Dunayev, independent
Dunaev had a seat in the 7th Rada as well. He was initially a Member of the “Party of Regions”. Dunayev is a deputy head of Rada’s Committee on law. Former mayor ofLisichansk. Openly pro-Russian.

Electoral District #112 Yulius Yoffe, independent
People’s Deputy since 2012. Member of the “Party of Regions”. His son Igor Yoffe was appointed by “Luhansk Peoples Republic” as an Acting Dean of Medical University. Ihor is a head surgeon of Luhansk region, head of surgery department of the Medical ​University. Ran to be a Dean, ran for office. Lost elections to Valeriy Ivchenko. Member of Luhansk City Council, Member of the “Party of Regions”.


Electoral District #113 Vitaliy Kurilo, independent 
Dean of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko Pedagogical Univeristy. Peopled Deputy since 2006, Member of “Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc”, get reelected in 2007. That same year becomes the head of Luhansk regional division of “Motherland” Political Party. In June 2010, after Yulia Tymoshenko lost the run for President, Kurilo joins government majority in Parliament. Actively supported the Maidan movement and openly spoke against “Luhansk Peoples Republic”.


Electoral District #114 Yuriy Harbuz, independent 
Harbuz was appointed as a Head of Melovoe Regional Council in december 2013. Beforethis worked a head of Famers group. Born in 1971 in Melovoe, Luhansk region, Harbuz started his career as a school teacher in rural areas. In 2006 graduated from Luhansk Agrarian University as Manager Economist. Has patriotic Ukrainian stance.


Kovalenko Alexander

Kovalenko at StonehengeOn 18 October, the doctor and composer Kovalenko Alexander Petrovich was celebrating his birthday.
A little about Alexander Kovalenko. Alexander was born in 1970 in the city of Zorinsky Luhansk region. Mother - Maria - distinguished teacher of the USSR, father - Peter - the head of the railway station.
In 1985, Alexander graduated from the Zorinsk children's music school (piano) 2 years earlier than expected, however, parted ways with its creative teams - (folk instruments orchestra, choir, vocal ensemble).
In 1987 he graduated from the Zorinsk school № 10 with a gold medal. To choose a profession was not easy, because he liked medicine, and pedagogy, and even had the idea of becoming an actor musical Comedy. The Lord has richly rewarded Alexander subsequently, these three components in one life!
In 1987 he entered the Voroshilovgrad medical Institute, where, not at the expense of learni, he actively participated in the student theatre. At the same time he wrote music, songs, arranged their recording and participated in various competitions and programs.
Not wanting the easy way, he was preparing to become a surgeon. Alexander went on night shift of  at #6 city hospital, where he received the support of a doctor and a creative person Victor Basov.
In 1993 he graduated from the Luhansk state medical University with the honors. From 1993 to 1996, he studied to become a surgeon. From 1996 to 1999 postgraduate studies at the Department of operative surgery with topographic anatomy. Under the leadership of Y. Vovk. in 2000 he defended his thesis on "Individual anatomical variability of the transverse sinus and its applied value (anatomical and experimental work) and received the scientific degree of candidate of medical Sciences.
Since 2000 he teaches neurosurgery students Luhansk State medical University.
Since 2008 assistant Professor, Department of neurology and neurosurgery Luhansk state medical University.
All these years he actively worked in the neurosurgical Department and neurotraumatology Department of the Luhansk regional clinical hospital №1.
One of the important achievements of Alexander Kovalenko and his colleague Vladimir Shopin is the development and introduction of endovascular neurosurgical operations that can operate serious vascular pathology of the brain without opening the skull box of the patient.
During all these years Kovalenko continued creative work as a composer and organizer of cultural projects. Author of the idea, the author and performer of techno-banter-project "Made in Ukraine" in 1997-1999 (at the peak of their popularity, original ideas, the authorship of the songs, parodies, performance, backing vocals).


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