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The Young Autumn - vernissage


“Svitlytsya” – the local Art House opened its most recent exhibition. An exhibition by two young artists – Evhenia Maleshenko and Kateryna Ivanova. It seems that we’ve reached that point where the term “young artist” literally means, unlike before where it meant people in their mid-forties, but presenting their first exhibit.

Two ladies presenting the exhibit are third year students of the Luhansk State Academy of Culture and Arts. It’s rather pleasing to realize that the youth has this platform to realize themselves and to present their work to the public, starting to make a name for themselves.  It is worth mentioning that the venue hosting the artists, “Svitlytsya”, the very modest semi-basement building is quite different from its neighbor upstairs – the actual two-story Art Gallery, where, where the Members of the Artists Union display their work. But as far as visitors, not square footage – “Svitlytsya” is a fair competition to the Gallery. “Svitlytsya” gives the opportunity to “speak” to young, yet accomplished artists!

You may wonder why there is specifically autumn in the name of the exhibit? The answer is quite simple – their work is dedicated to this time of year, the one we have now. Although there are a couple of pieces associated with the summer, the majority of work is inspired by fall.

Leonid M. Filmarinkina

 Leonid M. Fil, Dean of the Academy’s Arts Department gave opening remarks at the event, along with Vladimir V. Kozlov, Head of the Academy’s Painting Department. Galina V. Marinkina, “Svitlytsya’s” Director also gave a short speech at the opening. In her later conversation with Leonid Fil she proudly mentioned that there will be many more exhibits like this, hosted by “Svitlytsya” in the future and that the young talent will have its foot in the door through their wonderful venue.


Indian summerthe last leaflonging for peonies


The enterprise is at risk of closing

Workers of Sverdlovsk Mining Corporation are not getting paid for over 14 months.

The enterprise is at risk of closing.

The situation at Sverdlovsk Mining Corporation of drilling wells is critical.

Everything at the moment reminds us of how everything used to be at the mine: - rusting special equipment, big yard, full of uncut grass, the sign with faded letters. Mining and drlling of large wells were the main activity of the enterprise. Over the course of 50 years 80 kilometers of wells were passed in the Donbass region, at Kuzbass, Yakutia and Caucasus. The mine started facing problems only 10 years ago. Number of orders decreased and the inconsistencies with paying salaries started at the time. People started to look for other employment opportunities. Where used to be 500 workers, only 71 remain to the day. Even those 71 people are not getting paid for over 14 months.

There are no orders to drill the wells, therefore there is no money, says Yaroslav Kravets, the Head of the Mining Corporation. During the last 3 years there were only 3 working sites, for which the government owes the company 700,000 UAH.

Sverdlovsk mining corporation receives the majority of its business from private and state owned mines. The latest meeting at the Ministry showed that there is no hope for work for the people of Sverdlovsk.

The only way to pay off 2 million UAH is to shut down the enterprise. Because the enterprise is state owned, it is only the state that will decide the destiny of the enterprise and its employees.

This decision will be made in the nearest future. Right now the director of the company is facing several criminal charges for the failure to pay wages.

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg of Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire will teach a class in Luhansk.

Professor Hedwig Shwimberg, who is a professor at the Brussels’ Royal Conservatoire will teach a class in 2013-2014 school year at the Luhansk State Academy of Culture and Arts. Mr. Shwimberg will teach clarinet and orchestra.

The faculty of music is in cooperation with Shwimberg since 2006. He then helped a part of Lugansk “Serenade” Orchestra to go to Belgium with a joint concert with the students of the Brussels Royal Conservatoire. In 2012 the orchestra travelled in its full capacity and the artists played four concerts in Belgium this time. In 2013 “Serenade” independatly travelled internationally: 6 concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our students from the Academy and college played in Bruges, Koksijde, Oostkamp, Antwerp, Ardenburge, Turnhout.

Hedwig Shwimberg is a Flemish clarinettist. He was born in Brugges (Belgium). He went to school in his hometown and later in the Royal Conservatoire in Ghent. His professor was Jean Tasteno – the founder of Belgian school of clarinet. Shwimberg continued his education with Professor Karl Leister in Berlin.

H. Shwimberg is the winner of the M. van Gucht International Competition of clarinetists and other international competitions in Toulon (France) and Eyndgovene (Netherlands). He also received the Prize of the Benelux.

Hedwig Shwimberg – is the soloist of the, professor of clarinet at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, a regular participant of competitions in the cities of Avila (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary), a jury member of many national and international competitions of clarinetists.

This mucisian gives master classes and performs in Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan. He is the leader of “Olivia Girolf” ballet in Bruges, as well as artistic director of the Brussels Festival of “Clarinetissimo”. Hedwig Shwimberg is the founder and conductor of Brussels Ensemble of Clarinetists. He is a representative of SELMER company and he plays the nominal clarinet made by SELMER.

You can hear Shwimberg play “Five reflections for the clarinet solo” by Sergey Turneev.

Okean Elzy visit Luhansk while touring Ukraine with their new album

Океан Ельзи
On June 12th Avangard Stadium of Luhansk gathered all the fans of Okean Elzy. Ukrainian: Океан Ельзи, translation: Elza's Ocean. The show was sold out and there were barely any seats at the stadium. Although on its official website and all over social media - Okean Elzy said that all stadium shows will start at 9pm and the doors will open at 7. Luhansk tickets indicated 7:30 as beginning of the show. Hundreds of concerned fans were complaining in lines that they can miss even a moment of their favourite band. The show started at 8:40 and I believe because of the darkest clouds hanging above the stage... The show was amazing!

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and his team presented songs from the new album, as well as treated the audience with some well known songs.

As a surprise for Luhansk audience Vakarchuk brought Oleksandr Babak to sing along with him one of his major hits "Above the sky". Oleksandr was a participant of "The Voice" and he is from Luhansk region.

The show gave the most wonderful energy and felt the most powerful emotions! For me personally those were emotional memories about teen years, university, the feeling of longing to the country and missing Ukraine so much, as well as this overwhelming feeling of pride for Ukraine, that this country has such world class musicians!
Admiration and respect to Okean Elzy only grows with every coming year, with every coming album. Vakarchuk never fails to amaze me and please the audience with his emotional attachment to music and the depth and meaning of his lyrics. He is an artists that lives and breathes stage.
All the best! Success and more recognition!


Company "Seart" garment production

"Seart" is always in style and it is your style.

We invite you to visit "Seart" firm in Lugansk, there you will find a wide variety of clothing for men, women and children.

 Our clothing will be suitable for people who favor business attire, classic silhouettes, as wells as active wear and modern clothing with ethnic motives.

"Seart” was founded on June 28, 1994. This company started producing its own lines in 1999.  "Seart" makes shirts, blouses, sweaters, T-shirts, tank tops, Capri pants, shorts, tennis shirts, pants, and active wear.

 Company uses fabrics from Ukrainian, Italian, German, Turkish and Korean manufacturers, including 100% cotton, cotton + spandex, rayon, viscose + spandex, polyester, polyester + spandex and Tactel. All clothing is made using contemporary up-to-date equipment.

 Ukrainian market knows this brand well. "Seart" clothing is available in Donetsk, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesaa and Simferopil. This clothing line regularly participates in trade shows in different regions of Ukraine.  "Seart" has been numerously awarded with diplomas for outstanding quality.

"Seart" has a goal - and it is simply making beautiful, fashionable and modern style clothing.



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