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New Year's Festival

New Year's Festival
"Svitlytsya" Hall hosted a large New Year's Festival on December 15 and 16. It was the only place in Lugask this holiday season where you can buy real unique designer hand-made goods, meet new people and attend various master clases.
This exhibit presents truly one of a kind things like dolls, cards, ornaments, hair pins, broches, earrings, necklaces, knits, accessories, handbags, flowers, beads decorations and much much more.
It's a wonderful place to buy gifts, decor items, that will add a unique touch to your home.  A wide variety of ethnic traditional styles were presented at the exhibit, along with charms and folk amulets. 

Photos from the event for you attention.

6th International Festival "Circus Future"


October 31 marked the launch of 6th International Festival of Children and Youth Circus teams, schools and performers called "Circus Future" in Lugansk. The event was hosted at Lugansk City Circus.

Program of the event included: contests, performances, judged by an international jury; Scientific and Practical Conference; genres master classes; round table - communication between the festival organizers, members of the jury, heads of the teams and schools, participants of the festival, as well as some excursions. November 1- circus cavalcade on the streets of Lugansk and the festive opening of the 6th International Festival of Children and Youth Circus teams, schools and performers - "Circus Future"

Video and photo report from the opening 6th International Festival of Children and Youth Circus teams, schools and performers called "Circus Future"

On November 1 in the Lugansk City Circus 6th International Festival of Children and Youth Circus teams, schools and performers called "Circus Future" was opened.

Gild Drummers were welcoming all of the guests on their arrival to the hallways of the circus.

Girl Drummers

Girl Drummers



FC “Zarya” General Director Sergei Rafailov spoke with the journalists at the press-conference

FC “Zarya” General Director Sergei Rafailov

FC “Zarya” General Director Sergei Rafailor spoke with the journalists at the press-conference, devoted to the 3rd anniversary of the new management at the club.

 Herewith we’d like to present the highlights of the talk:

 About the club before the new management: Everything was in the state of disaster. Having undertaken “Zarya” we have taken on 2 million dollars’ worth of debt and several pending court cases in Lausanne, where former club players were suing the club. Those courts ruled not in favour of “Zarya”, thus those bills also had to be paid. We have paid off all of the pre-existing debts in a rather short timeframe.

 About the football field maintenance expenses: Over the course of last three years the club spent over 13 million hryvnia just for the maintenance and to build new artificial football field. About the auto park: We bought three new comfortable buses. One for the first team, and second for the youth and a 40-seater for the school. Moreover, we bought a mini-bus “Hyundai” and several “Skoda” cars.

 About the personnel: All of the people who worked here before our arrival, all of them kept their jobs. We are creating jobs. People used to say that with our arrival we would change the staff, but it didn’t happen

 About medicine: We pay special attention to this matter. We are now purchasing a contemporary tool to measure the speed of the player. In addition to this we are buying a gadget, which you place on a player’s wrist and it measures the physical conditions of the footballer. We are also finishing up the construction work in the building, where we will locate our medical centre and all the equipment will be placed. We have already purchased one million hryvnya’s worth of equipment. We are expecting the latest model of cryosauna. We are also planning to have a small laboratory. We have an ultrasound machine. We are planning to purchase a “Growth Factor” device, which revives footballers from certain injuries. Recovery time is much less when using this device.

 About the second artificial football field: One field is not enough for us. Our school has around 300 students. In addition to the students’ practices, we also host the practices of U-19, youth team and even the first cast of the team, when weather conditions don’t allow otherwise.  We plan to build a new artificial field.  

About Children’s and Youth Football School “Zarya”: One of the first steps we’ve taken when coming to our position, we created our own school. We already have other clubs interested in our students. We are trying our best to keep them in Lugansk.  Last year two boys went to the “Kharkiv-Metallist” academy.  This year not a single child left us. 

By the end of 2012 the overall expense for running the school will reach one million dollars. We are now in the busy season of competitions. We will have revenue from hall rentals. I think that next year we will be able to send one of our strong teams to compete in Russia or even somewhere further abroad.

 About the reconstruction of  “Avangard” stadium football field. First we considered to put up a new field. That would have cost 8 million. Then we were not allowed to put up an artificial field, so we decided to put together a real one. Of course it cost us more.

This means the “pillow” of different size, watering system, none of which were taken into account when planning the artificial field. We have to drill two new wells, large water reservoir and wastewater systems.  The initial funds that were allocated to the project were used. But the price difference from artificial field costs and natural field costs was never returned to us.  This price difference will costs us the second artificial field, that we still have to build. We still have hope that next year this money will paid to us.

The lightning expenses were not returned to us in full as well. The debt is somewhere within the 300 thousand hryvnia, but, again, there is still a chance that we see this next year.

About job creation: Every month we create new jobs. In the next couple of days we are hiring another resident of Lugansk to work in our school. When we have an operational new field it will allow us to create another ten jobs.

About taxes: Just this year the club has paid 13 million hryvnia is taxes. I think this number will reach 15 by the end of the year.

About U-19: The team is demonstrating great results.  Yesterday, Yuri Dudnik’s team was in Lviv, where it won 2:1 to the “Karpaty”

About Maksim I. Beliy: Maksim went through a treatment in Germany. Now he is back in Ukraine, where he is going through a proper recovery. We asked him to turn off his cell phone until the end of November.

Treatment in Germany was very encouraging and that gives us hope that he will be able to come back to his career. The player is exercising on a simulator and does jogging.   Final examination and decision about his further professional involvement will take place on December 4 in Germany.

About Vitaly Vernidub’s recovery: He is still going through rehabilitation. Doctors are very cautious not to provoke recurrence.

About the revival of the football base: We have already submitted the estimated costs of Schastie’s football base.  The question of the ownership is not yet resolved. As soon as that’s done – we are hoping to start making this site meet the modern standards.

About Maicon: We hope he starts playing soon. Maicon was one of the best bombardiers. He still have phycology to work on.

About upcoming meetings: After the planned vacation the team will get together at the beginning of January. The players will go through medical examination. We may hold a small tournament. On January 16 the team will fly to their meeting in Turkey. We will only have two and not three of those. Hotels are already arranged and we are now working on planning sparring.

The following players from the junior team will join the main team at the meeting in Turkey: Artiom Hordienko, Pavel Myahkov, Vadim Paramonov and Giuli Mandzhaladzhe.

About future forecasts: “Zarya” will no longer survive, we will be growing the conditions and move only forward year after year.


FC “Zarya” Press-service


My daughter works at the conference.

My daughter works at the conference and can be seen in this video.


Selling The U.S. To Canadian Businesses

If you own a Canadian business and are looking to expand into the American market, local economic developers say the U.S. market is no further away than right across the river.

"They're going to need, on occasion, branch offices. They're going to need services that have access to the U.S. physically as well as electronically and we're the natural place for them to start," said Tom Plastino of the St. Lawrence County Industrial Development Agency.

In the 25 years since the signing of a free trade agreement between the United States and Canada, there have been jobs both created and lost on both sides of the border.

But, cross-border trade brought about by the North American Free Trade Agreement is being credited with increasing productivity and competitiveness for Canadian businesses looking to invest in the U.S. market.

"NAFTA has worked very well. It went very well at the very beginning. It has plateaued maybe but I think there's opportunities for businesses on both sides of the border to take advantage of selling," said Debbie Walker, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development.

Roughly 40 Canadian business professionals met in Ogdensburg for a seminar on helping advance cross-border business that could translate into new opportunities for them and potential new jobs for St. Lawrence County.

By using a soft-sell approach to potential Canadian businesses which may be considering expanding into the U.S. market, local officials say they hope they are planting a seed that will someday pay off.


A game for hockey lovers at the "Penguin" Skating Rink

sidorov_nikolayHockey is the game from strong. Duly noted in a popular song: "Cowards don't play hockey!"

This aggressive sport has followers and fans in Lugansk region. Even though this is not a cheap pleasure, the hockey amateurs of Lugansk are willing to pay the price to play.

They are not only paying for the outfit and equipment, but for ice too. "Penguin" Skating Rink  hosted a game on October 7 2012.



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