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Pigeons Exhibit at May 1 Park

On October 7, 2012 May 1 Park hosted Pigeons Exhibition.
Even though it were only the pigeons that were judged, but the show was beyond just that. Pigeon breeders were showing all kinds of birds.
Aside from the competing birds you could see chickens, geese, ducks, parrots, turkeys and even peacocks. There was even dazzling in the eyes from all of the different bright colors. Don't forget about the rodents - rabbits and chinchillas were as popular, as the hosts of the show.
Award ceremony was conducted by Vladimir A. Struk. Of course, you could expect the speeches and the encouragement to vote "the right way!" at the upcoming Parliamentary Election. n
Local musicians and dance ensembles were entertaining the crowd.

The Sing of Glory. About the Great Victory

On October 6 2012 a memorable sign was unveiled at the Avangard Staduim in Lugansk. The sign is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of "Zarya" Club Cup Championship in 1972.

All of the veterans of the team and the coaches who still live in Lugansk gathered at the central entrance.

We can see the names of those who contributed to this memorable victory.

Доска в честь чемпионства  Зари

Aleksandr Tkachenko

Mikhail Forkash

Vladimir Abramov

Aleksandr Zhuravlev

Sergei Kuznetsov

Vladimir Malygin

Nikolai Pinchuk

Yuriy Vasenin

Viktor Kuznetsov

Anatoliy Kuksov

Sergei Morozov

Vyacheslav Semionov

Vladimir Starkov

Yuriy Yeliseev

Vladimir Onischenko

Leontiv Tkachev - team administrator

Aleksandr Glukharev – coach of the team, Merited coach of Ukraine

Valeriy Galustov – team manager, Merited coach of Ukraine

Aleksandr Glukharev – coach of the team, Merited coach of Ukraine

Valeriy Galustov – team manager, Merited coach of Ukraine

German Zonin - senior coach, Merited coach of the USSR.

To be honest and fair the name of  Vladimir Shevchenko should have been mentioned.

Obviosly, the event could not have taken place without the officials, but they are not to be mentioned, as our readers and football fans and that's a different audience.


«We are very honoured that our victory of 1972 is not forgotten. And now, after the unveiling of this memorable plaque it will be remembered forever. We believe the the contemporary "Zarya" will do what it takes to make the entire country talk about Lugansk "Zarya" again", - noted Aleksandr Zhuravlev, 1972 team captain. 




Goalkeeper of the Champion "Zarya" Aleksandr Tkachenko also said a couple of words: #mce_temp_url#

- I often remember our "golden" season. Matches with  часто вспоминаю наш «золотой» сезон. Матчи с CSKA Moscow, «Spartak», "Dynamo" Kyiv.... We had a fantastic team back then. There was a team, desire to win and a feeling of patriotism. Thanks to that we became the champions. It is also worthy to mention that "Zarya" was the only club fromt he regional centre, that became the Champion of the USSR. Thank you for remembering out Championship Season!




Yuriy Sipunov, well know commentator, also shared some kind words about the team, as he was the one to comment "Zarya" games when it was at its best.


More photos from  If you've recognized yourself - email us and we will print a complimentary photo for you and give you the digital original.


Miller Brands Ukraine grows 20 times faster than the market


31 July 2012

information for the media


Miller Brands Ukraine grows 20 times faster than the market

Miller Brands Ukraine (a subsidiary of Efes) demonstrates impressive growth against the backdrop of stagnating beer market in the country. In the 1st half of 2012 the company’s production grew by 22% comparing to the same period last year.

In the first half of 2012 Miller Brands Ukraine produced about 1 million hectolitres of beer, which represents a 22% growth versus similar period last year. Overall, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the beer production in the country in the period from January to June 2012 grew by only 1% year-on-year.

 In June 2012 the company produced over 0.2 million hectolitres, a 17% increase versus June last year.

 “For Miller Brands Ukraine the start of the year was marked by a change of ownership: in March the company was transferred from SABMiller to Efes. Thanks to meticulous preparation and well co-ordinated work of everyone involved in the M&A process, this complex corporate transformation went really smoothly, without any, even temporary, negative effects on the company’s business, – says Valentin Boinitsky, Corporate Affairs Director at Miller Brands Ukraine. – We continue the stable growth in production and sales. And our growth rate is far ahead of the market in general.”


 Contact details

Elena Lutskaya

PR Specialist, Miller Brands Ukraine (Efes Ukraine)

tel. +380 (44) 393-26-76 ext. 67-60, mob. +380 (50) 347-44-93, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


About Miller Brands Ukraine

 Miller Brands Ukraine belongs to the Big Four of the Ukrainian beer market - the group of four leaders who together hold about 95% of the market. Until 2012 the company was owned by SABMiller. In March 2012, under the terms of strategic alliance between the two large international groups, Miller Brands Ukraine changed ownership and became part of Efes.


Miller Brands Ukraine is the fastest growing player in the Ukrainian beer market: in 2011 the company’s production volumes grew by 51.3%.

 The company produces as well as imports into the country popular local and international beer brands, such as Miller Genuine Draft, REDD'S, Zolotaya Bochka, Velkopopovicky Kozel Svetly, Amsterdam Mariner, Sarmat, Zhigulivske and Dobry Shubin.

 Miller Brands Ukraine is a subsidiary of Efes (full name “Efes Breweries International B.V.”) - an international company, the 5th largest brewer in Europe, and the 6th largest Coca-Cola bottler worldwide. Efes has 18 breweries, 7 malteries and 20 Coca-Cola bottling plants in 16 countries.

 The products of Efes are exported to over 80 countries, and enjoyed by nearly 600 million consumers throughout the world. The company's brands imported into Ukraine include Efes Pilsener, Stary Melnik, Bely Medved and others. Together they account for about 60% of all the beer imported into the country.


Exhibit "Meet the city of Lugank"

On July 11, Luhansk Museum of Local History opened an exhibit "Meet the city of Lugank". This was done on the eve of St. Veronica's Day. St. Veronica is the patron of photographers.

We all know that Venice, Paris and Rome are all beautiful cities. Everyone longs to go there and see that beauty. And they do find and see it.

Whereas a lot of people consider Lugansk to be a small, village-like town, where one can only work and sleep. What beauty is there in Lugansk? Where would it possibly come from? Indeed, at first sight, we all see the high rise sleeping towers and factories, everything is grey and unattractive. But there also is a different opinion, a different approach to this. We are convinced that Beauty and Harmony is not necessarily in the ancient castles and palaces. The beauty is inside the man, and we need to be able to express it. Photography artists, members of the Lugansk Photo Club decided to show you Lugansk that people do not notice. We may not have the Efel Tower and the  Colosseum , we don't have historical fortresses and winter gardens, but thousands of thousands of people live here and their souls, their hard work, their feelings are present in those apartment buildings, homes and little streets of the beloved town.

Kotilevsky Dmitriy

The exhibit with the intriguing title " Meet the city of Lugansk" did not come to life in one day, but the idea was being created for while. A lot of work from the past years was being gathered, some shots were done specifically for this cause. The task turned out not to be an easy one, as it is rather challenging to look at the old familiar settings with a different eye. But we tried really hard. Photographers of different ages, different levels of experience contributed to the exhibit. These photography artists are members of National Union of Photography Artists - Nikolay Sidorov, Yuriy Khromushyn, Dmitriy Kotilevsky, Valentin Aleksandrov, and others with a bit less recognition, but not a tiny bit less talent - Vadim Levin, Inga Telikanova, Igor Shylov, Mikhail Pogartsev and Evgeniy Kudinov. We all see our own Lugansk, but together we managed to create a collection that we want others to see.

Let's look at Lugansk with a fresh eye and see, how interesting and diverse it is! There is no other city in the world like ours, only it is so unique!

We truly hope that our photographs, our collection will help the viewer to find their own city of Lugansk amongst the mundane distractions of everyday life.

Lugansk Photo Club

Art Director - Dmitry Kotilevsky
Chairman of the Club - Valentin Aleksandrov


Ukraine's Super Cup

Ukraine's Super Cup Championship final game will take place on "Avangard" Stadium on July 10, 2012 Donetsk "Shakhtar" and "Metallurg" will play at 21h00

Organizers of the  Ukraine's Super Cup match are Ukraine's Union of Professional Football Clubs "Premier League" and Ukraine Football Federation.

July 6 to 9th the trophy will be displayed in the Lugansk's shopping centres between 11h00 and 17h00. July 6 in "City-Centre", July 7 in "Leleka", July 8 in "Yuzhnograd", July 9 in "Aurora" and on July 10 the SuperCup will arrive to "Avangard" Stadium. People can take pictures with the cup if they desire. We also went to Lugansk-City Center and also took photos with the trophy.


jab supercup ognev

Tickets to the SuperCup game can be purchased in Luhansk Central Box Office of the "Avangard" Stadium (hours of operation 10h00 to 18h00, 7 days a week), as well as in the FC "Zarya" store (4B Oboronna st.)

Luhansk fans will have 4 sectors of the stadium to watch and cheer for the game. Those sectors are: Central, Right, First, Second and Sixth. Ticket are priced at 50 UAH to 80 UAH.


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