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Street Racing in LUGANSK

June 23 on the runway LVVAUSH was a big "drag Racing".
Prizes were played in the audience, including i-pad.


Residence of the Golden Horde Khan found in the steppes of Easter Ukraine (Luhansk region)

Residence of the  Golden Horde Khan  found in the steppes of Easter Ukraine (Luhansk region)
Archeologists stumbled upon the summer residence of the Golden Horde khans

They presume that the residence belonged to Khan Abdallah.
In the suburbs of Lysychansk, a small town in Luhansk region of Eastern Ukraine, the researchers of “The Heritage” Archeology Centre of the East Ukrainian National University found   the summer residence of the Golden Horde khans.
More than 3 thousand of copper and silver coins, iron battle axes, horse bits, jewelry, and blanks for minting coins – this is the list of the rich "trophies", which were acquired by the scientists of “The Heritage” Archeology Centre of the East Ukrainian National University, during excavations done in Popasna district of Luhansk region.

khan ring sekira
The archeologists believe that the residence belonged to Khan Abdallah (1361-1370). This Khan was a descendant of the famous Khan Uzbek, who spread the Islam in the Horde in 1320 and who prohibited baskaks, who collected the tributes, to be sent to Rus’. Basically, Khan Abdallah was the last khan in Batu Khan Dynasty. He obtained power with the support of a powerful military leader Mamai.
Summer residence of the Khans occupies 1 square kilometre and was located on the hilltop near the river. The full city, consisting of hundreds of yurts and tents, was being erected in the area for many years. The entire entourage of the Khan moved here with him. Alongside the residence a series of homes were placed, which accommodated Khan’s numerous wives. Every tent in the harem was apart from each other at the distance of a “thrown stone”. The tents of the military personal and help, merchants, and artisans were located further down.  Shepherds with their cattle were the farthest away from the Khan. Surrounding hills served as means of protection. It was around several thousands of people that moved to the residence with the Khan.
"The Tatars were nomadic - they had several permanent capitals, where they spent the winter: in the Lower Volga, in Dagestan, as well as in the modern city of Azov, and Sudak. Whereas it is very little that we know about the summer residences. It was extremely difficult to find a specific location of a residence and it the first one to be ever found in Ukraine."
By the way, it was luck that helped to discover Khan Abdallah’s summer residence. This place in the 1960s was occupied by a collective farm and was plowed for the vegetable farming. People then started to find old coins there. But Soviet historiography was not interested in establishing the true story of these places. It is only after 50 years when the scientists paid attention to the find and were flabbergasted.
On coins and coin blanks it was indicated that they were made in Muazzam Urdu, which means highest Horde. Coins were minted in Urdu Mu'azzam Horde. The highest known for a long time, in at least the 9th century. There is reason to believe that it was the name of the residence as well.
The exact location of the residence is now being kept in the strictest confidence. There is a fear that so called “black archeologists” may damage it.  Right now the scientists are seeking that the place is recognized as a historical monument. "Today, the residence of Abdullah Khan - it's simply a field where anyone can walk around and gather coins. It is under no protection and can be completely destroyed. After the status is given the territory wil fall under the protection of state",- explains Sergey Sanzharov.
Abdallah Khan (reigned from 1361 to 1370). In the 1359-1380, as a result of civil strife  the Golden Horde was divided into several parts. Power in the western part of the captured Mamai – son-in-law of Khan Berdibek - the last direct heir to the Batu. Because Mamai was not a descendant of Genghis Khan, he had no right to the throne and was forced to place his puppet-Khans. Abdullah Khan was the first one   those puppets. Under his reign, after a long break, in what is now Ukraine, the minting of silver coins of the Golden Horde was resumed. Coin was called a dang, with average weight of 1.365 g.


Visit of the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav (Shevchuk)

His Beatitude  Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church visited Luhansk on May 15. The Archbishop is visiting the regional centre to mark the ten year anniversary of the establishment of the Donetsk-Kharkiv Exarchate of the UGCC, as well as the twentieth anniversary of the Luhansk Parish. He is planning to also visit the places of his military service.
Since March 25 2011 Sviatoslav Shevchuk  is the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Born on May 5 1970 in the city of Striy (Lviv region). As an alumni of medical school, for two years he was assigned to be a paramedic in the separate airfield service battalion of Lugansk Higher Military Aviation School. Sviatoslav Shevchuk met with his former colleagues.
His Beatitude  Sviatoslav is pleased with the state of this congregants. There were no complaints about any oppression.  ”While talking to the local officials, first and foremost I will thank them for the fact that our religious believers are able to worship, pray and develop peaceably”, Archbishop said to the journalists.
But there is an issue with the allocation of land for the church. Now the services takes place at a remodeled private residential home. Years of requests for land for the church did not receive a positive response.
At 1PM the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church met with the parish and the  head of “Christ the King” church, father Mykhailo.  Afterwards, His Beatitude  met with the regional and city officials.
At 5:30PM a prayer service was held at "Christ the King" church (Lugansk, 35, Bauman st.), followed by the meeting with the parishioners.
Beatitude  Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
After, His Beatitude an interview on Channel LKT (Luhansk Cable Channel).
In the evening Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Sviatoslav Shevchuk  left for Kharkiv.


Guests from Dniprodzherzhinsk

Guests from Dniprodzherzhinsk
What is an original song? Nowadays, only someone stuck in the Cave age and, turns out the hosts of morning show "Pod'em Perevorot" on local television  wouldn't know the answer to this question. The hosts asked this to the bards, visiting Luhank from  Dniprodzherzhinsk to perform. Frankly, I always feel awkward when instead of holding an interesting conversation about oeuvre, I hear primitive questions asked to the artist, which only tells you about the poor preparation of the hosts. We will let this remain in their consciences. To all of those who appreciate original songs and bard performances were able to enjoy, what the bards called it "April Fools" program in the small concert hall of Regional Centre for Folk Art. 

Bards from  Dniprodzherzhinsk came to visit the people of Lugansk in "Kap-La" (to those unfamiliar with the acronym: Original Song Club "La"). Olga Stognii and Anatoliy Strogii were performing funny songs (and others, not just the funny ones), whereas the host of the show - Elena Zhuravskaya performed her own short stories. The supporters of "cleansiness of the art" can tell me that the short stories do not at all fit int he format of bards' original songs performances. Please trust me, that in this case - short stories  were very much appropriate. Especially because they were witty, funny and performed rather professionally. Elena herself participated actively in the work of  Dniprodzherzhinsk's bards in the past. I can only say that the two-hour performance was done like "Bravo!" and no displeased viewers were spotted after the show.
Please take a look and listen to their songs!


Sport for Everyone

Lugansk Regional Centre “Sport for Everyone” held a sports celebration for children with hearing and speech impairment.

 hildren with hearing and speech impairment

Within the frameworks of the National initiative “You can do it if I could» school for children with hearing and speech impairment hosted this athletic festivity.

Lugansk Regional Centre “Sport for Everyone” acted as an organizer of the event.

During the event the children enjoyed “Marry Starts”, sport relays, competitions, as well as a table tennis tournament. The kids demonstrated a rather high level of physical preparedness, genuine excitement and sincere desire to win. This event was very popular among other students at the school and that’s why the entire competition was accompanied by loud cheering of fans!

After all of the tournaments and relays – all of the participants received gifts and prizes from Lugansk Regional Centre “Sport for Everyone”.

«It is not the first year that we conduct the “You can do it if I could” initiative” at your school, and with every year your competitive spirits, your happy and excited faces and the numerous participants convince us yet again in its tremendous importance”, noted Oleg Akimov, the director of “Sport for Everyone”.


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