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14 grocery supermarket


December 21, 2011 in Luhansk was opened 14 grocery supermarket network "Absolute". The shop is located in the building of the former cinema "Aurora". The supermarket has a convenient parking for cars. Chain stores "Absolute" was launched in June 2002 in Luhansk region in the last 3 years is open 8 stores. Currently, network in Ukraine "Absolute" has 29 supermarkets.

I'll walk into this store, because it is near my house.


"Zorya" is wishing Happy St. Nicholas Day to the kids

"Zorya" is wishing Happy St. Nicholas Day to the kids

Sergei Raphailov, General Director of "Zorya" along with the youth team players Andrey Poltavtsev and Semyon Zharov visited Luhansk Orphanage #1 and extended their sincerest greetings on the occasion of St. Nicholas day to all the children.
Such trips became a good tradition for Luhansk "Zorya". It's not the first year that the management of the team is devoting attention to kids, who, due to the twists of fate in our uneasy times, do not know what is mother's love, care and warmth of home. Moreover, it's not only over the holidays that "Zorya" is doing this. Often, the players gather together, and make a trip to one of the city orphanages, to give attention to the kids: take photographs, give presents and simply to keep them company.
When we arrived to the orphanage, we immediately felt the energy of the children. Today, while greeting the visitors, they we awkwardly happy and giving us their wonderful smiles. You can tell at first sight, that the fellows are happy and not deprived from attention.
Players gave some presents to the kids, and wished them, by far, the most important - to find a loving family in the future.
In return, the kids thanked the adults with a holiday talent show. Every single one of the children recited a poem, sang a song or acted out something. It is obvious, that the staff of the orphanage like what they do and take a very good care of the kids, making sure that they are well-fed and well-dressed. The children and staff of the orphanage #1 are one big family.

Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall


Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall is the centre of the region’s music life.

Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall started its operation with an ensemble, organized in march 1943, on the basis of which, a Ukrainian Folk Ensemble of Songs and Dance was created under the direction of M. Novohatska. The first concert of the symphonic orchestra with about 50 participating musicians took place in summer of 1945 it was operating with the conductor Samuel W. Ratner (in 1944-47 conductor and art director of Voroshilovgrad philharmonic hall). Since then the hearts of millions of viewers were captured by this Philharmonic Hall. Numerous concerts, meetings with artists took place there; such as  T. Kharennikov, A. Pakhmutova ,Y.Frenkel, M. Fradkin, G. Movesesyan.  People of Lugansk met with well-known performers: P. Virskyy National Academic Ansamble of Dance of Ukraine; National Honored Academic Chapel “Dumka”; National Ansamble of Dance of Siberia;  Pyatnitsky Choir; Utesov and  Lundstrem jazz orchestras; and artists like E. Miroshnichenko, A. Solovianenko, T. Milashkina, D. Khvorostovsky, V. Vysotsky, E. Vestik, M. Esambaev, S. Rotaru, A. Pugacheva, I. Kobzon, V. Leontiev, etc and others.

Since 2008, after the completion of the building reconstruction, with the latest modern technologies and technical equipment set-up and equipment, the Lugansk Regional Philharmonic Hall has two concert halls: large Main Concert Hall (503 people) and Small Chamber Hall (70 people) for small scale performances, meetings.

The Philharmonic Hall has a very good organ. This particular organ was constructed in Germany in a well-known Alexander Schuke Potsdam Orgelbau GmbH, that is over 200 years old and specializes in restoration of ancient organs and manufacturing of the new ones.

For 6 month German specialists were assembling the organ in the Philharmonic Hall itself.

The unveiling of the organ took place on March 1, 1985. To this date it is the only Alexander Schuke organ in Ukraine. In 2012 Kharkiv Philharmonic Hall is going to have one.

The Organ of Lugansk Philharmonic Hall was specially designed for our Main Hall, extraordinary quality of registers, mechanics, inner construction, sound, were well received by all the visiting performers.

Address: 23 Lenin Str.,  Luhansk

Telephone: +038 (0642) 523-121


Luhansk Regional Art Museum

Portrait of Marie Mancini. Jacob Ferdinand Voet

Luhansk Regional Art Museum is located on one of the oldest streets of the city, in the former estate of the known industrialists Venderovichis, in a building of 1876, which went through a complete reconstruction in the middle of the XX century.

When you are looking at this small two-storey building nowadays, it's hard to believe what is behind those walls: the collection, representing the art culture of many countries and peoples, despite of its know limits and misbalance of it content.

There are around 8 thousand exhibits of national and foreign art of ХVІ - ХХ century, amongst them there are around 1,500 scenic canvases, 300 sculptures, 4,500 of arts and crafts items.

It was no immediate for the museum to become this way. It is also very unlikely, that there is another museum in Ukraine with such a dramatic history.

One of the founders of the Luhansk Art Museum were Volynsky and Istomin. In the fall of  1919 they brought a large number of exhibits from Moscor and Kharkiv to Luhansk: paintings, furniture, porcelain, bronze, all of those became the foundation of the museum of art...

The structure of the museum - a two-storey, with wide hallways, and 11 rooms. Two of those were given to become the natural geographical museum in November of 1922, which also started its existence in November 1920, but it a different building. This museum was compiled from the school museum's exhibits of former Slavyano-Serbsk county and of the items from the offices of closed educational institutions - a private gymnasium of E.P. Chvalinska, a training school and men’s gymnasium. As of August of 1923 two museums are mentioned in Luhansk: art and natural-geographical, located at 25, Poltavsky Lane.

A lot of time has gone by since then: years of breakdown, then resurrection from dust, became some sort of chronicle for the museum. Geography, archeology, art - all of those fields were represented in the house on Pochtova. They all played their part. There is still no archeology museum in Luhansk, but Art Museum lives and thrives, and it invites all interested to visti its galleries and exhibits. 


Museum Collection consists of the following expositions: 

Western European Art of XVI – beginning of XX century.

  • Paintings (Italy, France, The Netherlands, Flanders, Holland, Austria, Germany, Unknown Schools, Copies), Graphics, Sculpture, Arts and Crafts.

 Arts and Crafts of the Eastern (XVIII – XX century).

  • Ceramics, glass, bone, wood, stone, embroidery, fabrics

Russian and Ukrainian Art XVIII – begining of  XX century)

  • Art, Graphics, Sculpture, Arts and Crafts

Art (XX – beginning of XXІ century).

  • Art, Graphics, Sculpture, Arts and Crafts 

Aristsof Luhansk region (XX – beginning of XXІ century.

  • Art, Graphics, Sculpture, Arts and Crafts



The opposition can

The opposition can not only criticize but also to address the most pressing problems. Lugansk city council deputy leader of the faction "Front of Changes" Igor Liska presented its own concept of development programs of urban passenger transport. It takes into account the interests and passengers, and transporters, but also coincides with the real possibilities and the needs of Luganskin this matter. 

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