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Climate Lugansk

Even back in the days, Herodotus was surprised by the severity of our region’s climate. Where in the winter we have snowstorms, and icy feathers (snow) are falling from the sky. Whereas in summer we have unbearable heat, under which the soil is burning and the plants are dying.


 Climate in Luhansk is moderately continental. Not a very cold winter, with an average temperature of January being -6°С…-8°С, that is why Luhansk’s rivers Luhan’ and Olkhova, where the city is situated, freeze but very shallowly. Luhansk gets a lot of snow in the winter, most of which is gone by March, and at the end of April weather is warm – around +17°С…+19°С. First freezing temperatures come in October, and in November it usually rains and only in December it snows for the first time. In Luhansk, most of the precipitations  (out of 400-500мм annually) appears mostly in the form of rain, approximately from the end of June till the beginning of August up until November. Summers in Luhansk are hot. Average temperature of July is +22°С…+24°С, but often it can go up to +30°С…+37°С. River water is getting to +19°С…+21°С already in June. Heat in Luhansk starts in May.
Trees around the city protect Luhansk from winds and other heavy air movement, which can cause draughts and cold fronts.
First weather station not only in Ukraine, but in Russia as well, was opened in May of 1937 in the hospital area, currently regional children’s hospital, in the rising part of the city.
Luhansk regional hydrometeorology centre:

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