Monday, August 15, 2022
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Jump Pro

Horse is one of the first domesticated animals in the world. These gracious creatures with such big and smart eyes always followed people and were a reliable partner for them in everyday life. Progress is giving less room for the horses, replacing the carriages with cars, plows with tractors, and even horses themselves replaced by other means of transportation.

Now people keep horses for sports and leisure. Not everybody knows that the term hippotherapy exists. It means treatment or healing with the help of horses. This mean is used to heal people with movement problems and with emotional instabilities. Treatment takes place under the supervision of hippotherapy and specially trained instructor.

 I was lucky to visit sports stables in the suburbs of Lugansk - "Jump Pro". This excursion set all my mundane worries and troubles somewhere very far away. Hippotherapist did not accompany us, but this kind of specialist is present at the stables. It is Natalia Kleikova. Natalia is also the riding master), but trust me - the therapy was a success.

 I formed an impression that the stables «Jump Pro» are one big family. Professionals take care of the horses. And care is not just water and food, as horse is like a person, is a very emotional creature. One keeper, one horse, one character.

 Jack Russell terrier - happy and loyal dog Barny is keeping everyone at the stables safe, as well as his friend, a much more serious and solid German Sheppard Pythagor. Night hunter Larson.

 The horse stable has its own sports talents - Alyona Zhdaniuk (master of sports) and Karina Shablo (very promising young athlete).

 The ladies not only practice, but also take care of the horses at the stables, trying to find approach to everyone there.

 I personally was very pleased with my communication with the horses and had only positive emotions and a feeling of limitless happiness. It was that simple - one hour of endless joy and happiness from simply observing and touching these amazing animals.

 Here's a short video extract for you to enjoy. mfin




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