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Territorial Community of Lugansk.

According to the Statute of the territorial community of Luhansk:


1. The territorial community of Luhansk (further called territorial community) consists of all the residents of the city - individuals: citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens, people without citizenship (further callled members of the the territorial community), that constantly live at a certain territory.

2. The territorial community is a certain subject of municipal government, the main carrier of its functions and obligations.


3. The territorial community executes municipal governance in order, determined by law and this Statute, on its own and through the legislative bodies of local governance.


4. The territorial community has a right to decide the disputes of local significance within compliance to the Constitution and other laws of Ukraine.


5. The territorial community encourages the strength of local well-being, ensuring the rights and freedoms of people and citizens are respected, crating a favorable living, working and leisure environment for them.


6. The territorial community executes local governance, based on the following principles:

- democracy;

- rule of law, the priority of rights and freedoms of people and citizens;

- law;

- publicity;

- cooperation;

- combination of local and national interests;

- electiveness;


legal, organizations, financial independence, within the authority, regulated by the laws;


  • accountability and responsibility towards it by the government officials, authorities of local government. ;


- state support and the guarantees of local governance.

- legal protection of the territorial community's rights.


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